Jul '09: New autocross layout
A three quarter scale replica of Martisville speedway, designed to go with my NASCAR mod. Download from here.

Jun '09: LFS Mods page added
Replacing the old LFS Tweak pages, this list my new NASCAR Experiment and my old kart mod. Take 'em for a drive!

Dec '08: LFS Meets page added
What's this, an update to this website? Shocking I know.
Now I've added a page about all the (inter)national LFS meets that have been running the past few years. Check it out!

Sep '07: GRC3 ready!
The long-awaited replacement to GRC2 is finally ready and is now called Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser (not a catchy name even by my own low standards). Now you can see if the past 12 months of development have been worth it.
The program has it's own site which can be found here.

Oct '06: Website split
Yep, it's the same as before, only I've split my personal, erm, bits, from this holy grail of LFS related goodieness.
Note that breaks all existing links, which is bound to cause much disturbances, I can only imagine how many links there are to this site from within the extended LFS community.

Sep '06: GRC2 is dead... long live GRC
Development of GRC2 has come to an end. But this is good news, as I have started my next project, codename "Project Three" which uses the code base of GRC2 and takes things (much) further. More news on that later.

External LFS Links
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