LFS Gear Ratio Calculator

Please note, LFS Gear Ratio Calculator is very outdated, please download its replacement Vehicle Handling and Performance Analyser instead.

So what is it anyway?
As the name implies, it's an application that takes lets you input the gear ratios from your setup and tells you a little bit more information about them, such as the speeds attainable in each gear at any engine rpm (typically at the engine rpm you change gear). The idea is it makes setting up the gear ratios in the setup a little less trial and error guesswork, and a little more fact.
Although a tidy summary for GRC v1.0, the latest version (v.2.5.3) allows so much more. It would be fair to say the name of Gear Ratio Calculator doesn't do the program justice at all, hence all development will now be under a different name.

What Gear Ratio Calculator can do for you:
You still have to know (basically) what gearing does in order to make use of it.

What Gear Ratio Calculator can't do for you:

Anyway I hope you find this program useful and any feedback is much appreciated.


LFS GRC v2.5.3p (1211KB/1975KB)
The two filesizes in brackets are the compressed/uncompressed sizes.

Want to know the changes between this version and the previous version(s)? Check the development log.

Version 2.0 requires certain files to be present in your system directory in order to run. The Microsoft VB6 Runtime files are needed if not already present. If you still get a missing file error when trying to run to program, download these files (1,176KB), read the readme.txt provided and follow the instructions there.

If you have anything to say, please leave feedback in this thread (LFS forums).