LFS Gear Ratio Calculator: Development Log

7th May 2006 - v2.5.3 (1211KB/1975KB)
(v2.5.3p adds a Polish translation) 9th December 2005 - v2.5.2 (1204KB/1971KB)
1st October 2005 - v2.5.1 (1050KB/1577KB)
11th September 2005 - v2 (1042KB/1572KB)
24th August 2005 - v2.2.1 (930KB/1417KB)
12th August 2005 - v2.2.0 (932KB/1425KB)
6th August 2005 - v2.1.1 (918KB/1400KB)
3rd August 2005 - v2.1.0 (917KB/1396KB)
Added full aerodynamics modelling (undertray, adjustable wings, etc).
Had to give aerodynamics its own tab otherwise I wouldn't have been able to fit it all in.

28th July 2005 - v2.0.7 (888KB/1342KB)
20th July 2005 - v2.0.6
19th July 2005 - v2.0.5
(v2.0.5b fixes two additional small bugs)
12th July 2005 - v2.0.1
7th July 2005 - first "official" release of v2.0!!!
8th June 2005 - beta #6
No more major changes planned before "official" release.
20th March 2005 - beta #5b
Just a couple of minor changes from beta #5. 12th March 2005 - beta #5
Beta #5 continues to make use of the extra information added with beta #4. 5th March 2005 - beta #4
With still no sign of LFS S2, I decided to add some features now that I was planning to add after the beta development stage. This meant a lot of internal changes. Not all the features have been added yet as they involve a lot of work. I also dropped the "public" in the name as that's fairly obvious now. 27th February 2005 - public beta #3b
Fixes issues and bugs introduced with beta #3.

26th February 2005 - public beta #3
Some interface improvements. Added slider input for gearing and the two gearing tables are now linked.

13th February 2005 - public beta #2
Fixed issues that were discovered from public beta testing. Nothing exciting, just some bug fixes. Webpage updated and GRC history added (what you're reading). LFS GRC approaches it's first birthday (wooooh).

10th January 2005 - public beta of GRC v2.0.
Fixed issues that arose from initial beta testing. Webpage created for GRC.

28th May 2004 - LFS GRC v1.90 (51KB/151KB)
20th May 2004 - LFS GRC v1.85 (44KB/131KB)
Added an extra tab where car information can be entered to get GRC to work with cars other than what are present in LFS by default. This is so the gearing could be calculated for cars created with LFS Tweak.

18th May 2004 - LFS GRC v1.8 (22KB/94KB)
27th April 2004 - LFS GRC v1.7 (18KB/78KB)
4th March 2004 - LFS GRC v1.6 (6KB/30KB)
16th February 2004 - LFS GRC v1.5
Added another table where you can enter speeds (instead of ratios) and have the necessary gear ratios calculated.

15th February 2004 - LFS GRC v1.1
Added a second worksheet that outputs the speed in km/h for those not so familiar with mph.

14th February 2004 - LFS GRC v1.0
First release, is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Features: