LFS Advanced Setup Guide

This guide is intended for people who want to really know what everything does. It is very indepth (due to the technical nature of the subject) and certainly not bedtime reading, unless you need a cure for insomnia.
If you just want to get a basic idea of what to do, then perhaps you would be better off reading one of the more compact guides that have been written for LFS.

This is a continously improving document, so if you have any feedback for the guide, please post in this forum thread - you'll need to be a member if you're not so already.

Only an English version is available at the moment but a German translation is currently works-in-progress.
If you would like to translate it to another language (in particular LFS has a large French & Dutch communities), just let me know and I'll put it up here when you're finished. Cheers!

It is currently available in two formats, Adove Acrobat (.pdf) and Shockwave Flash (.swf). Both should open in your browser so long as the appropriate program has been installed. If you wish to download a copy to your hard drive for later reference, I would recommend the Acrobat version (you need to right-click the link in order to download).

Last revised: 22th September 2005, for v0.5P2
Acrobat (PDF) version (1028KB)
Flash version (634KB)
Proving it's popularity, the guide has racked up 13,211 views/downloads so far (in all forms)!

18th September 2004 - Work began on writing the guide.
29th October 2004 - After about five weeks of on and off work, all the bases had been covered and the guide was designated as complete (Revision 1).
13th March 2005 - Revision 1b clarifies things slightly and updates the links.
24th April 2005 - Revision 2 is updated for the S2 alpha demo (v0.5K).
4th June 2005 - Revision 2b includes an updated differential section for the new diff types in v0.5L.
2nd July 2005 - Revision 2c includes a downforce section and minor revisions for S2 alpha v0.5P.
16th August 2005 - Revision 2d makes changes to the suspension, differential, gearing and downforce explanations.
22nd September 2005 - Revision 2e corrects the suspension frequencies with downforce mistake, and makes a few minor changes elsewhere.