Bohus HyrKart mod

What does this do?
This mod alters the MRT5 to be more like the HyrKarts found at the Bohus track in Göteborg, Sweden, where the two Swedish LFS meets have since been held.

LFS versions supported:
S2 Alpha 0.5X10 only

Download Mod
Download the HyrKart mod v1.1

Thomas Svensson also created a layout for the track at Bohus, download it here.

User with versions of Windows older than XP may need the Microsoft VB6 Runtime files.

If you do not have the old version of LFS required, you can download it here:
Live for Speed Alpha Patch X: download at Gamershell, or Download at Filefront.
Live for Speed Alpha Patch X to X10: download.

Installation instructions
Extract the zip, and move the MRT5 setup to your lfs\data\settings folder.

Running instructions
Have LFS and the mod running together (It does not matter which order you start the programs in) and click the toggle button on the interface to turn the mod on and off.

Ben Ponsford - Programming, memory research, and vehicle research & setup
Niko Pentsinen - Memory research
Thomas Svensson - Vehicle research & testing