So what's an LFS meet?

Put simply, an LFS meet is any bunch of random LFS addicts getting together for a common activity, helping strength bonds in the community. The activity needn't be LFS, simracing, or any form of racing in general; sometimes people like to do something different together than the immediately obvious interest.

I am hoping to make these few pages a comprehensive list of all LFS meets worldwide, be they national or international, but excluding any individual LFS team meetings or local meets that may have occured.
If you know about some meets that I am missing, please get in contact with me and I'll try and get the events added here.

Planned LFS meets

Thinking of attending a meet an LFS some at point? Well good, as there a few being planned at the moment, and there might be one near you.

LFS UK Karting Meet 2009, planned for 25th July 2009
The next annual UK karting meet goes westward, for a day long event at G-Force Karting in Pontypool, Wales. Bring beer, expect rain. Forum planning thread.

LFS Dutch Karting Meet, planned for 27th June 2009
Now those crazy Dutch are taking their turn at organising a karting event, to take place at KartbaanBerghem in Berghem, The Netherlands. With interested parties from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the UK, and of course, The Netherlands, this has the potential to be the most international LFS meet yet. Forum planning thread.

LFS Swedish LAN+STCC Meet, planned for 5th - 7th June 2009
Travel to Sweden. Play LFS over LAN with crazy Swedes. Drink. Watch crazier Swedes battle it out in the STCC. Drink more. Profit? Forum planning thread.

Summary of previous LFS meets

LFS Latvian Community 6th Meeting - Bowling Tournament, Saturday 7th February 2009
Read more.

Race Centre Event, Sunday 25th January 2009
A free event courtesy of the lucky Tristan Cliffe, the LFS UK community made an stealthy return visit to the Drivers Challenge Race Centre in Chandlers Ford, UK. 19 sim-racers get thrown in the deep end with racesim classic Grand Prix Legends, sandwiched between the obligatory pubbage. Read more.

LFS Swedish LAN+Karting Meet, Friday 7th - Sunday 9th November 2008
Inspired by his trip to the UK for the summer karting meet, Thomas Svensson (head honcho over at decided it was long overdue for the Swedish LFS community to have it's own meet. So a plan was formulated and 26 Swedish community members and one inflitrator (me) converged in Göteborg, Sweden for a 3 day event of LFS LAN racing and a trip to Bohus Hyrkart for some night racing. Read more.

LFS UK Karting Meet 2008, Saturday 23rd August 2008
For the fourth year running, the UK LFS meet made a return to karting, this time at the more northerly location of Karting North East, at Warden Law, UK. A larger crowd of 22 assembled at the track, ready to take helm of the twin engine karts on offer, and fight in the largest grid yet assembled at an LFS meet. Post karting, after food, drink and much merryment, those still awake travelled back to my house for some 3-way LAN racing featuring large screens and a little modified LFS action. Read more.

LFS Latvian Community 4th Meeting - Billiard Tournament, Saturday 9th February 2008
Read more.

LFS Latvian Community 3rd Meeting - Karting, Saturday 18th August 2007
Read more.

LFS Latvian Community 2nd Meeting - Paintball, Sunday 8th July 2007
Read more. Wanting to quickly re-experience past success, 11 members from the Latvian community decided to man up

LFS Latvian Community 1st Meeting - Bowling Tournament, Sunday 15th April 2007
The Latvian community had their first national meet just one day after the UK crowd got together for the third time, but went about things in their own way by going bowling. 15 members from this Eastern European community gathered for this event. Read more.

LFS UK Gathering Number 3, Saturday 14th April 2007
Making a change from the karting of the two years previous, for the third annual UK LFS meet, the event was based at the Drivers Challenge sim-racing centre in Chandlers Ford, UK. 15 attendees turned up to race one another on very familiar territory, with the added benefit of race frames, widescreen projectors and a social environment. Read more.

LFS UK Karting Meet 2006, Saturday 1st July 2006
With the success of the first UK karting meet, another was promptly organised for the following summer. While back at Northampton, this time the event was held at the outdoor track at Whilton Mill, on what felt like the hottest day of the year. A massive 29 people battled the heat, the karts, and one another on track, and then the queues at the bars later that evening. Read more.

LFS UK Karting Meet, Saturday 22nd October 2005
Inspired by the success of his simracing team meeting (T7R), Shaun Clark (Fordman) decided to run the biggest LFS UK meet ever, and made a public invitation for LFS'ers to come and race indoor karts at GP Karting in Northampton.
Successful it was, with 24 attendees, including 2 out of 3 developers of LFS, but not counting two guys from CyberSeat, who dropped by to demo their new motion simulator chair. Read more.

The Boomtown LFS S2 event, Thursday 22nd June 2004
Originally a business meeting with the LFS developers, 9 people met in Århus, Denmark, and at some point it managed to evolve into some LFS LAN racing, and a small competition was held, with the then unreleased S2 alpha. Read more.