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LFS Latvian Community 6th Meeting - Bowling Tournament, Saturday 7th February 2009

Riga, Latvia
Most of members agreed on reapeating the bowling tournament, since it was a fun indoor activity in our first meeting plus it gives the chance to communicate freely. This time everyone got key chains with our new address - (previously *.net)
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12 attendees: 2fast4u, adagio4lv, Aigaro, DaBird, Evilgenius, EXimo, Gunchaz, Indestructible, Jancux, Mika, Pioneer, Spyyy

Race Center Event, Sunday 25th January 2009

With Tristan having won a 3 hour session for up to 20 people, the LFS community was on track to fill all those spaces in our second visit to the UKs only sim-racing center. The first attendees started arriving at the pub from about 11am (with the exception of super-keen Gills4life who had arrived an hour before this), by the time the pub opened at midday, the group of people standing in the car park had already numbered in the teens. Over the next three quarters of an hour, as people ordered and consumed food and drink, and once familiar faces became familiar once again, we were 18 in number. Tristan had been informed that bozo had to pull out at the last minute due to a poorly child, so we were just 1 person short of over full compliment (Dajmin, who turned up expectedly late due to a prior commitment with his band earlier that morning), so with 15 minutes to go, we embarked on the rather short journey to the race center, in a convoy of cars (except Franky500, who decided to walk), to begin the afternoons activity.

And so starteth the racing
* Upon arrival and signing in, race center manager Adrian Thomson once again gave us our briefing and outlined the event was to proceed
* The sim of choice was Grand Prix Legends, and the track up for attack was LimeRock Park. For the initial practise sessions we were to be driving '65 Ferrari 512s, while for the later races we manned up to tackling '69 Braham BT26as.
* 20 minute practise session each, to familiarise ourselves with the track
* 5x 7 lap races ensued, 3 with the Ferraris, 2 with the Brabhams.
* Winner declared, awards, dash back to pub.

Wind-down back at the pub
* Banter continues, programmer and mechanic swap roles as Tristan waffles about vehicle dynamics engines and Bob tries his hand at fitting a spare wheel...

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19 attendees: ajp71, Becky Rose, Bob Smith, Chris Raemisch, Dajmin, felplacerad, ferret, Fletch248, franky500, Funnybear, Gills4life, jasonmatthews, Joe_Keaveney, KayJay, Minimaxman, nihil, S14 DRIFT, tristancliffe, [SR] Pablo

LFS Swedish LAN+Karting Meet, Friday 7th - Sunday 9th November 2008

An impressive 27 sim-racers converged on the island of Hisingen, Göteborg for the first Swedish LFS meet. While most attendees were local to Sweden (the event was organised by after all), making the meet have international status were Fredrik Enersen (audimasta) from Oslo, Norway and myself, Ben Ponsford, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK.

The main room at the LAN party

People slowly arrived at the office we had been granted use of for the weekend (courtesy of Andreas B) with computers in tow, ready to set up for the Friday night gaming. The gaming of course extended acrossing a wide variety of popular titles, namely LFS and little else. I did spy a little [what other racesim was it Pringels was playing? I did ask him at the time but I forget] in the corner but I think that was restricted to single player. You can tell sim-racers are in the room when every PC is setup with a high end set of wheel and pedals, in fact the place could have served as a showcase for Logitech. In true Swedish tradition, the alcohol was flowing almost immediately, helping people relax and get to know one another, although it didn't help them remember to speak English occasionally for the only non-Swedish speaker in the room.

Andreas B decided it to call it quits and curl up with his beloved...

So it begins...
The sim-racing of the first night was a fairly informal affair, much like a public server but with most people in the same room. I should add driving standards were quite high (no small feat considering the rate of alcohol consumption by some), with everyone being polite on track and everyone showing other respect. A combination of a local server and the online server was used, so that people who couldn't make the meet could still join in with the racing. Cars and tracks were rotated fairly frequently to keep everyone happy yet give people time to get used to the track. After a long first night, with people arriving from the 6pm kickoff until around midnight, morning soon followed (and after some sleep, so did the afternoon) and racing continued in a similar fashion, albeit with a smaller field as people sorted themselves out with food, and strictly sober this time as come late afternoon, we all left in convoy for Bohus Hyrkart, for some cold, damp and most of all, dark karting.

The track at Bohus

...onto the karts...
The karting centre is located in the midst of what almost resembles a quarry, with piles of gravel and dirt strewn about the place, and sizeable potholes line the entrance road. It didn't look the most inviting place, no doubt not helped by the overcast rapidly darkening grey weather. By the end of the first race, it was rather dark, and floodlights had been switched on to provide some illumination to at least some parts of the track. The karts had been fitted with lights, however the batteries in the front headlights would only last 45 minutes, and we had 3 hours of racing to do, so rather than contend with failing lights midrace, it was decided to just leave them off. At least the rear bicycle lights were switched on, so seeing a faint red glow edge past you meant there was another kart there and you were getting overtaken (or in my case, lapped). More worryingly was the opposite situation, as after you overtook someone you couldn't see them anymore. Perhaps suprisingly, I don't recall any collisions. Spins on the otherhand were a little more commonplace. Cornering in the darker spots was had more to do with having a good guess of where the apex was and hoping you'd scrubbed off enough speed for the kart to actually steer and not run straight into the wet grass. Feeling the rumble strips under the karting didn't give so much of a "yes, I took that corner fast enough feeling", rather it was more of a "aha, the corner must have ended, time to straighten up a bit". And as if that wasn't enough, one of the bulbs failed on the floodlights, on the fastest corner of the circuit no less, at the end of the straight. Somebody was quick to the rescue and parked their car on the outside of the track with the headlight aimed at the apex. A bit DIY, but it did the job! With 6 races to be held, 3 for each racer (although Mike got lucky and managed to take part in 4), there was plenty of racing to be had, and the conditions made things very interesting. About as far removed from LFS style racing as we could get, and it certainly was refreshing.

The starting grid of the final race of the evening and finish
After the karting we all went for a meal together, at a local restaurant only a 5 minute walk from the LAN event. People were really starting to get to know one another by this point, and conversation was much more natural and flowing. No doubt the re-addition of alcohol to our diet had some influence. Finally we returned back to Andreas' workplace for a final session of less-than-sober racing that, for the real men at least, lasted round until 6am.

Come Sunday morning afternoon, after a long LFS meet, people made their way home, which for me meant (thanks to a 6 hour delayed flight leading to me requiring extra accomodation for the night) a 25 hour journey home. Read the forum event thread, or if you read Swedish, the official forum thread for more details, photos and race results.

27 attendees: 2mhk, Andreas B, audimasta, bknec, Bob Smith, Cawwa, Darjart, Easy_Mike, felplacerad, Imphy, Impulse, Johannes R, Lister, MagBlixt, Martin.S, Mike, Nicky, Pringels, Riccie, Rolle, Rozto, Simon R, Snoddas, ViperSweden, Znabb, [BKR]MGJoe, [BKR]Schmidtfire

LFS UK Karting Meet 2008, Saturday 23rd August 2008

Karting North East, Warden Law, UK
* People met at The Seaton Lane Inn from about elevenish onwards, mention those who turned up the night before and stayed at my place

Short but perilous journey to the kart track
* Arrive at the karting centre for midday, watch the previous group finish their racing as we go through to the briefing room
* Conditions were good, a little overcast, but warm and the rain held off, there were damp spots leftover from rain the day before
* Practise and qualifing ensues, all 20 drivers on track at once, while spectators Bean0 and STROBE took up positions around the track and starting taking photos
* After a quick break to examine times, discuss lines and rant about puddles, the 30 minute race begins
* After a small ceremony, everyone returned to the pub for an informal debrief, some food, and for those not driving, the first alcohol of the day
* STROBE informed us he alone had taken 460 shots that day, and Bean0 had taken another 120

Return to the pub for debriefing
* Mention Victor and his laptop with the Scirroco and LFS on it

A night on the toon
* After an hour or so, those who weren't staying for the evening activites made their excuses and left, while the real men got ready to freshen up and meet at the Wetherspoons in Newcastle city centre
* No such break for me though, as I had to set up my front room with PCs for LFS
* After arriving an hour later than intended (about 8pm?), most people had already met up at the pub, drinks were nicely flowing by this point and people generally seem to be getting on fine

Final stretch back at my place
* By about 11pm?, those who were coming back to mine were ready to leave the pub, and those who weren't made their may back to their hotels
* Arriving in two taxis, the small group of the most hard-core, bad-ass sim racers invaded my front room to find three PCs, all with G25s and either wide or triple-screen setups, ready for a little drunken LAN racing, and a helping of alcohol from my fridge, the final surprise of the day was the introduction of my nearly finished but never released LFS mod, which have gave some variety to an otherwise familiar race-sim. After a little fun with that, people switche to more familiar cars for some closer racing, perhaps wishful thinking given the alcohol consumed by most by this point. Finally the evening reduced to drunken banter, and I was finally left to go to sleep at 04:40!
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22 attendees: Becky Rose, Bob Smith, ebola, felplacerad, ferret, JasonL220 + father Andrew, jasonmatthews, jk23, Joe_Keaveney, KayJay, Mackie The Staggie, Mark Ritchie, need, nihil, [SR] Keith, t1ger, Victor, xenocracy + Ozzy, Bean0*, STROBE*

LFS Latvian Community 4th Meeting - Billiard Tournament, Saturday 9th February 2008

Riga, Latvia
As the weather outside is horrible in February, an indoor event had to take place. After voting we agreed on a billiard tournament. We divided ourselves in 7 teams and had lots of fun playing against each other for 3 hours. The winning team's players got T-shirts with LFSLatvia logo.
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14 attendees: 2Fast4U, Aigaro, Artis, DaBird, Edgarpo, Evilgenius, EXimo, Indestructible, Jancux, Kriss, Mika, N_B, Rullis, Spyyy

LFS Latvian Community 3rd Meeting - Karting, Saturday 18th August 2007

Riga, Latvia
This was probably the most awaited event. Upon our arrival at 14:00 the track was busy, so we had to wait a while and suddenly heavy rain came out of nowhere! Luckily it was raining only for a couple of minutes but the ground was still wet. So we had to wait while the track becomes dry. It took another 40 or more minutes for the track to dry out (thanks to the Sun). Right after the track was ready we rented six (9hp powered) go-karts for one hour. Since we were 12 atendees, only 6 could race at one time, so each of us participated in two (15 minutes long each) races. The first 30 minutes went on a dry track, everyone did their best driving showing what are they capable of. The last 30 minutes were quite complicated due to the rain again. However, we were allowed to finish our race in this rain, which was a huge challange for us. It was very hard to control the go-kart on the wet track. It caused lots of spin outs in the corners, since it was impossible to use brakes and steer properly but everyone had fun though.
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12 attendees: 2Fast4U, Aigaro, dxc, Evilgenius, EXimo, Indestructible, Kriss, maartinsh, Mika, spyyy, uzeris, Zuu

LFS Latvian Community 2nd Meeting - Paintball, Sunday 8th July 2007

Riga, Latvia
As for the second meeting we chose paintball, mostly due to the nice weather and the fact that we needed some physical activity. The shooting part was amazing, everyone got lots of bruises and other trauma which was worth it. Unfortunately we could gather only 11 participants, however we divided ourselves into two teams and enjoyed the time. After the shooting part we had a barbecue to discuss the success of the event.
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11 attendees: 2Fast4U, Aigaro, Artis, Evilgenius, EXimo, Indestructible, Jancis, KKTK, Kriss, Mika, N_B

LFS Latvian Community 1st Meeting - Bowling Tournament, Sunday 15th April 2007

Riga, Latvia
This was our first 'get together' activity after one and a half year of official existance. Before organizing the meeting I proposed several activities like bowling, paintball, go karts etc. and as a result majority voted for bowling. Indeed it was a good choice for the first meeting since we had a lot of time to get to know each other and make new friends. Right after the tournament, the best six players got prizes: all of them got LFS Latvian Community sticker and the top three players got Martini Asti in addition. We finished the meeting with a good dinner at the local restaurant.
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15 attendees: 2Fast4U, Aigaro, Badijs, DaBird, Edgarpo, Evilgenius, EXimo, F*117, Gunchaz, Indestructible, Jancis, Jancux, KKTK, Mika, N_B

LFS UK Gathering Number 3, Saturday 14th April 2007

Drivers Challenge, Chandlers Ford, UK
* People started turning up at The Hut, a nearby pub, from about midday, pleasant chatter outside in the bright, warm sun, starting to put names to faces. With a wide spread of ages in attendance, it proves none are too young or too old to attend a sim-racing meet.

Arrival at the race-sim centre
* We arrive on time at the centre, two members shy. One more turns up just as everything is getting going, the other to never arrive.
* Inside the centre was like walking into an old cave, much cooler and very gloomy. In fact I couldn't see the reception desk upon arrival. Eyes did soon adjust, however, and we were greeted by race centre founder Adrian Thomson who got us signed in and gave a briefing for the days events (even though they had already been meticulously planned).
* GPL was up first, GPL Session: Ferrari or Brabham at Watkins Glen
* Two races (per group) in LFS, the first being the XF GTi and XR GT at South City Town Course [11 laps], second was FXO GTR at Fern Bay Gold Reverse [16 laps]
* LFS: qualifying is fun and we have 4 great races, some better than others. Good fun had by all irrespective of pace, although some of the front to mid runners have the best battles.
* I prove to Adrian you can drive the FXR sideways around most of the track and still qualify third.
* Points are totalled, trophys given (typical that a UK meet is won by a bloody foreigner), a few photos are taken.

Evening socialising
* Some toddle off home but the real men were up for more, which was another pint back at The Hut before the remainder drove into Southampton for a curry.
* Also, big thanks to Adrian for letting the event completely over-run at no extra cost. And also for tagging along and keeping us company afterwards. His Lotus Elise looked good too.
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15 attendees: Bob Smith, bozo, dabe, dUmAsS, Funnybear, goode400, Madman_CZ, nihil, need, peejayh + son Geoff, t1ger, Viper93, xenocracy, z3r0c00l

LFS UK Karting Meet 2006, Saturday 1st July 2006

Whilton Mill Ltd, Northampton, UK
* Met back at Thomas a Becket, as we had the year before, from about 10:30ish?
* Arrived at the circuit at midday
* Teams of 3, 30 mins practise, 2 hour race with driver changes (2 stints each)
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30 attendees: Alan Dove, alexmason, AndyC, Anttt69 + 2 friends, ArosaMike, ayrton senna 87, Bob Smith, Chris_Kerry, Clownpaint, Danowat, Decibel, dUmAsS, Europa, ferret, Fordman, Grivage, KayJay, Lippy, MadmanCZ, marcusv8thunder, mrbogeyman, Nick Whitney, Shifty, Simon Savage, Smax, snewham, t1ger, tongey, tristancliffe, _Rob_, Bladerunner*, EmmyLou*

LFS UK Karting Meet, Saturday 22nd October 2005

GP Karting, Northampton, UK
* All met at Thomas a Becket, people arrived in small groups "are you simracers?" over a couple of hours, slow conversation at first
* Delay to the karting meant lots of time to get to know one another
* Some of us headed over to the indoor kart track early, to watch the previous group finish off

Walk to the kart track
* Saw Scawen & Vic arrive while walking between the two
* Racing in teams of two

Evening entertainment
* Headed back to the pub, Scawen bought drinks, much more relaxed conversation, some of us ate there, left when an Irish live band started up
* Wondered to a couple of different pubs, before finally finishing at the hotel where a fev people were staying
* Thank Karl for keeping his dribbling quiet
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24 attendees: Scawen, Victor, AndyC, ayrton senna 87, Bob Smith, Da Hoe, Danowat, dUmAsS, GP4Flo, Fordman, franky500, LawVS, Lippy, Mantis9, mkinnov8, P1lot, SchiZ, Shifty, Snewham, Three Jump, tristancliffe, V4ForLife, Widowmaker, the_angry_angel*

The Boomtown LFS S2 event, Thursday 22nd June 2004

Not strictly an LFS meet as it wasn't truly public, and was initially a business meeting with the LFS developers, it was the first (that I know of) international meeting of people for LFS, that was publised. It was also (again, to my knowledge) the first time that the LFS developers had met up and been social with their userbase.

Still, the meeting happened in Århus, Denmark, and the Boomtown folks were surprised with chance to race on the then unreleased version of LFS S2 alpha. With 4 computers set up with wheels, a mini competition was held, and a good time was had. Click to read the official Boomtown story, and here are some LFS community comments on the story

9 attendees: Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, Victor van Vlaardingen, Karsten Borchers, Mikkel Gram-Hansen, Richard Torp Jensen, Christer Rasmussen, Martin Søndergaard, VecTreX