LFS Modifications

This page lists the different mods that can be found on this site.

The LFS NASCAR Experiment
Released 6th June 2009, this adds a NASCAR sprint cup stock car to LFS (replaces the XRT).

Bohus HyrKart mod
This was my first mod, created for liveforspeed.se, when I was asked to make a setup for the MRT that made it handle as much like a kart as possible (specifcally, the karts at the Bohus HyrKart track in Göteborg), and I found the setup options in LFS far too limited to achieve this goal well. It was deemed finished on 11th August 2007.

This work spurred me to expand my editor and see how much I could edit. Over the next two months I made substantial progress and created a three car replacement mod for LFS, but I did not finish the mod to my set standard before I ended up getting employment (this work was carried out immediately after finishing university) and I ran out of spare time. The subsequent release of patch Y and the significant changes it brought effectively killed my ethusiasm to finish this.

LFS Tweak
Various people have made apps called "LFS Tweak", but the original was made in 2003 by redruM69 and Fonnybone, for LFS v0.3. I created many presets for the final version of this editing utility (released 10th October 2004), both of which can be found on this site.