The LFS NASCAR Experiment

What does this do?
This mod replaces the XRT with a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow stock car, set up for oval racing. There are no visual changes to the body of the car, due to the LFS developers not wanting such modifications released.

I consider this mod experimental, as I am hoping to learn how well public modded racing can work with a niche interest, community feedback in mod development, and gathering information specifically related to this type of vehicle.

LFS versions supported:
S2 Alpha 0.5F, 0.5K*, 0.5L*, 0.5P, 0.5Q, 0.5S, 0.5T, 0.5U, 0.5V, 0.5W, 0.5X, 0.5X10, 0.5X12 (dedi)
*note: although 0.5K and 0.5L are supported internally, since they were demo only releases, it is impossible to appease the licence checking for these versions. Many of the older versions also cannot be freshly unlocked due to changes with the LFS master server.

LFS versions unsupported:
S2 Alpha 0.5Y, 0.5Z, 0.5Z13, and any other versions not listed

What doesn't this do?
This mod does not give you control to create your own cars. The full editor is staying private until it is completely finished (there are still more features I wish to add), which includes updating it for the latest patch of LFS. Please be aware I have made no core changes to the editor in over 18 months, and am not looking to do so in the immediate future either.

Full mod contents
* Mod loader app
* NASCAR data file
* New engine sound
* Alternative short track setup, for use at my Martinsville Speedway layout
* Pro difficulty AI knowledge files for Kyoto Ring Oval (they were run for two 30 lap races to get them up to speed)
* 6 NASCAR skins (downsized from 2048 to 1024 to keep the filesize down)

Download Mod
Download the NASCAR Experiment

User with versions of Windows older than XP may need the Microsoft VB6 Runtime files.

If you do not have the old versions of LFS required, you can download the most recent versions that are supported here:
Live for Speed Alpha Patch X: download at Gamershell, or Download at Filefront.
Live for Speed Alpha Patch X to X10: download.
Live for Speed Alpha Dedicated Server Patch X12: download.

Installation instructions
Extract the zip into your LFS folder. The files will be placed in the necessary places within the LFS folder structure.

Running instructions
All that you need to do is have your copy of LFS unlocked and running at the same time as the mod, and a working internet connection. It does not matter which order you start the programs in.
To remove the effects of the mod, simply quit the program, and LFS will return to it's unmodded state.

By default, the program loads in client mode. If you wish to modify a dedicated server, you must load the mod with the DEDI switch (e.g. "LFS\NASCAR Experiment.exe" -DEDI).

Also, your must not have your online stats hidden on LFS World

Ben Ponsford - Programming, memory research, and vehicle research & setup
Niko Pentsinen - Memory research
David Williams - Engine sound
Justin Kruithof, Martin Kapal and Paul Johnson - skins