LFS Setup Tools

Batch Passenger Remover
Remove those pesky passengers that keep wanting to come for a ride. Like Oust but for people.
LFS Batch Passenger Remover v1.1 - last updated 12/02/08

Batch Tyre Editor
Want all your sets to use one tyre brand? Want to quickly make each car use a different brand? This is the solution.
LFS Batch Tyre Editor v1.1 - last updated 12/02/08

Setup Analyser
And of course, the evolution of LFS Gear Ratio Calculator.
Vehicle Handling & Performance Analyser

FOV Calculator
Not really a setup tool, but setting up your field of view well can improve immersion and make you judge distances better, for more consistent driving.
FOV Calculator v1.2 - last updated 19/10/09