LFS Tweak Presets

What is LFSTweakPro?
LFSTweakPro is an application for Live for Speed, written and maintained by Fonnybone. You can use LFSTweakPro to alter many of the cars settings, e.g. power/handling/etc.
It can be downloaded here if you do not already have a copy.
If you have any feedback for this app, do not contact me (it has nothing to do with me), but feel free to leave a message in this forum thread. Reading it first may well be a good idea. ;-). Also you'll need to be a member to post, if you are not one already.

Tweak Presets for LFSTweakPro for Live for Speed S1
These are presets I've created that change one of the cars in LFS to be as close as possible to a real car. In most cases I have supplied a setup to go with the tweak file, as any existing setups you have are very unlikely to work well with the tweaked cars.

Road cars:
BMW 116i BMW 120d
BMW 325 Compact BMW 330d
BMW 330i BMW 545i
Citroen Saxo 1.4 Ford ZX2
FIAT Punto 1.2 FIAT Punto HGT
Mini Cooper 'S' (Classic) Mini Cooper 'S' (New)
Ford Mustang V6

Sports cars:
Ariel Atom 2 BMW 130i
Caterham Seven R300 Dodge Copperhead
Ford Mustang MkIII 5.0 V8 Lancia Stratos
Lotus Exige (K-series engine) Lotus Exige (Toyota engine)
Subaru Impreza P1 TVR Tuscan megapack (inc. 4.0l, 3.6l, Mk2, Mk2 S)
Westfield Megabird Westfield Megablade
Westfield Megabusa

Ferrari F430 Jaguar XJ220
Lamborghini Gallardo

Jaguar D-Type Jaguar XJ220C (TWR Race Version)
Lancia Stratos Group 4 Rally Spec Lotus Sport Exige
Peugeot 206 WRC Evo3 Radical SR3 ClubSport
Radical SR3 ProSport Radical SR3 SuperSport
Radical SR3 Turbo Radical SR8 (2.6l)
Radical SR8 (3.0l) Super Truck
Top Fuel Dragster Westfield XTR2

Car packs:
BMW 1 series (all) BMW 3 series (all)
Jaguar XJ220 & XJ220C Lancia Stratos Road & Rally
Lotus Exige triple-pack Radical SR3/SR8 pack
TVR Tuscan megapack (inc. 4.0l, 3.6l, Mk2, Mk2 S) Westfield triple-pack